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New design for a MacPro. It is a radical departure from current workstations. It could be a MacPro for the next 10 years. Key Design features: 1. Modular Design Like Lego Blocks. A computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable. Sections seamlessly connect and share power & data (Thunderbolt). […]

Modular MacPro design Concept

Apple, MacPro, concept, 3d, iPack3D, Peter, Zigich, ARM, Cube, A10,
Design exploration what a future MacPro might look like. Part II Some of you have seen my Modular Mac Pro design Concept post. Now, let’s take a look at how power-efficient CPUs will change the design of a MacPro. There’s been a lot of talk of Apple ditching Intel for […]

ARM based MacPro Concept