Multimedia presentation

Multimedia presentation.


Motion graphics demo reel.

Combining rich multimedia elements such as videos, animations, 3d models, pictures, sounds, special effects in to amazing final presentation. It’s an excellent tool for promotional purposes.
Some of my clients prefer final multimedia presentation as a video that can be easily posted online such as Youtube, for a sales force to use them immediately.


It’s long and complex process, but final results are extremely rewarding. Process starts with creating 3d models, of each element. Followed by animating. After that comes video editing, of each individual animations, combined into one video, adding pictures, sounds and special effects and creating final multimedia presentation.

creating Photo realistic 3d renderings – 3d animation


Black Rhino Brewing Company – 3d animation


Permanent POP displays 3d animation – Spy Optic+ & Best Buy


3d pallets and products animations