Modular MacPro design Concept

New design for a MacPro.

It is radical departure from current workstations.
It could be a MacPro for the next 10 years.

Key Design features:

1. Modular Design

Like a Lego Blocks. Computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable.
Sections seamlessly connect, and share power & data (Thunderbolt).
Different sections: CPU, Optical, Power Supply, PCI, HDD etc.

One user needs are very different from others, so should be a MacPro.

2. Pro & Consumer CPU Options

Server class dual CPUs (Xenon E5), 8 DIMM ECC memory slots.

Consumer CPU i3, i5, i7, 4 DIMM slots.

3. Entering new markets

Various configurations:
  • Small home/ iTunes Server - Competes with NAS makers (QNAP, Synology)
  • Pro Servers (again)
  • Consumers Workstations (Headless iMac)
  • Base Consumer (little better than Mac Mini)
  • Pro Workstations

Peter Zigich

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