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Belt. Clip, iPhone 5, concept, 3d, iPack3d, Peter, Zigich
I’ve been using Belt Clips for years. I was looking for a Belt Clip for iPhone 5 with specific requirements: well engineered product minimalistic design functional & elegant good safety features easy to take apart sturdy construction After a long search, very disappointed results. None of the existing products fit […]

iPhone 5 Belt Clip Concept

My interest in art started with a photography, long time ago. I am still very involved and passionate about photography and really enjoy Canon Professional DSLR and wide selection of Canon lenses. Today, knowledge and love of photography is major asset in my  3d work. And taking photos is integral […]


modular, Mac Pro, design, concept, Apple, 3d, Peter, Zigich, iPack3D,
New design for a MacPro. It is radical departure from current workstations. It could be a MacPro for the next 10 years.   Key Design features: 1. Modular Design Like a Lego Blocks. Computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable. Sections seamlessly connect, and share power & data (Thunderbolt). […]

Modular MacPro design Concept