Peter Zigich

Retail & Exhibits 3d Peter Zigich, Toronto, ON, Canada, creating 3D concepts, photorealistic renderings packaging, POP, display, pallet
POP Displays & Merchandising: I have mastered creating photorealistic 3D renderings of their products starting from flat art files. This is extremely beneficial to the company because the end product looks better than a photograph, giving clients the ability to see a realistic-looking image of the product before it actually […]

POP Displays & Merchandising

Nutella 50th anniversary product shots, Peter Zigich
Packaging 3d I offer over 18 years of design experience creating 3D concepts, photorealistic renderings, and design explorations. I am a creative thinker with a keen desire to push traditional boundaries and seek out a fresh and unique design approach. Over the years I have worked on a diverse range […]

Packaging 3d

Retail & Exhibits 3d Peter Zigich, Toronto, ON, Canada, creating 3D concepts, photorealistic renderings packaging, POP, display, pallet
Retail & Exhibits 3d. Sample of some of my Retail & Exhibits 3d work. I am passionate about technology and keep abreast of current and future technological trends and user interfaces and I try to achieve a balance between design, hardware and software to accomplish best possible user experience. Client list: […]

Retail & Exhibits 3d

My interest in art started with a photography, a long time ago. I am still very involved and passionate about photography and really enjoy Canon Professional DSLR and a wide selection of Canon lenses. Today, knowledge and love of photography is a major asset in my  3d work. And taking […]


Clinique POP display 3D concepts - point-of-purchase visual 3d for cosmetics company Clinique. pitch new ideas and concepts to client. Peter Zigich, Toronot. 3d
Creating POP 3D concepts for Clinique. Recently I worked on creating 3d conceptual POP displays for Clinique. Clinique Laboratories is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances, usually sold in high-end department stores owned and operated by the Estée Lauder Corporation. Photorealistic 3d modelling and rendering were used […]

Clinique POP display 3D concepts

Peter zigich, POP display, multi-media, animation, poin-of-purchase, stand-up,-display
Multimedia presentation. Motion graphics demo reel. Combining rich multimedia elements such as videos, animations, 3d models, pictures, sounds, special effects into the amazing final presentation. It’s an excellent tool for promotional purposes. Some of my clients prefer the final multimedia presentation as a video that can be easily posted online […]

Multimedia presentation

modular, Mac Pro, design, concept, Apple, 3d, Peter, Zigich, iPack3D,
New design for a MacPro. It is a radical departure from current workstations. It could be a MacPro for the next 10 years. Key Design features: 1. Modular Design Like Lego Blocks. A computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable. Sections seamlessly connect and share power & data (Thunderbolt). […]

Modular MacPro design Concept

Apple, MacPro, concept, 3d, iPack3D, Peter, Zigich, ARM, Cube, A10,
Design exploration what a future MacPro might look like. Part II Some of you have seen my Modular Mac Pro design Concept post. Now, let’s take a look at how power-efficient CPUs will change the design of a MacPro. There’s been a lot of talk of Apple ditching Intel for […]

ARM based MacPro Concept

Belt. Clip, iPhone 5, concept, 3d, iPack3d, Peter, Zigich
I’ve been using Belt Clips for years. I was looking for a Belt Clip for iPhone 5 with specific requirements: well engineered product minimalistic design functional & elegant good safety features easy to take apart sturdy construction After a long search, very disappointing results. None of the existing products fit […]

iPhone 5 Belt Clip Concept